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Macs Corner Books

How It All Began

What started out as an idea, became a hustle, that turned into our business. The business of saving used books!

We showed our young one how to extend the life of his book by passing it on to someone else and created Mac's Corner Books circa 2018.


Our community has an abundance of books being left on corners, sidewalks, and stoops. Our corner's purpose is to enrich our community with better recycling habits, offer great reads, and provide connections with organizations ready to help bring literature to every household.


Our Platform will one day put a stop to books ending up either in landfills or destroyed by bad weather. Thanks to every purchase made at our corner we are closer to growing our platform and network to where it needs to be.  A corner who’ll continue to divert as many books as possible from being thrown away.


Mac's Corner Books has decided to take a stand for all books left behind and pledge to make a difference by finding new homes for pre-loved books!​


Our Corner has New Books, Ebooks, and Audio Books for all ages. Corner Merch now available!

From our TBR picks, book recommendations, reviews, excerpts, and quotes who knows what wonders you'll find! 

So make sure to follow and subscribe for updates to our corner.  We offer a curated list on our bookshop page that is updated every 30 days, So don't miss out!