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Corner Mission

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Marble Surface

Our Mission to Find New Homes For Pre-Loved Books starts with us and ends with you, are avid reader. Our corner is thankful for your Patronage!


With every purchase we are closer to providing our community with an alternative to throwing used books in the trash. Our goal is to have multiple my free little libraries in various locations in our community. We’ve also partnered with some local buisnesses and would love to accept book donations to help support their missions and goals that aligne with ours.

Give the gift of a second chance

We've taken notice to the endless amounts of literature left behind for trash. We understand the importance of reading at an early age. We know that if we strive to Create, Inspire, and Grow readers then we may have the best chance to break the cycle of poverty and ignorance.

We offer gift cards to support our corner, however you may also support by purchasing any New Books, E-Books, or Audiobooks here.

Donate your used books today!